Coming Back to Reality

Two years ago my mother passed away from cancer and my father and younger brother were left with all of the expenses from her death. I really never knew how much it would cost and I hope to never relive it again. As my brother is only 16 years old and my father can’t provide with just one job, I had to do something. I had to make a drastic career change that I knew would be amongst the most difficult things I have done in my life, next to burying my mother. It took me a little while to get out of my slump from my mothers death, but just a short while ago I finally came back to reality and I signed up for college. I had felt like I signed away my life.

Although my first thoughts about it were selfish because I didn’t understand why I had to do all the work, my thoughts soon changed. I started to get excited about my family’s hardships finally ending and the fact there were now possibilities of us being able to get a new home and pay off the funeral costs. I feel like until those are paid we will have a dark cloud just hanging over our heads. I can’t let that happen to my brother and father. Although my father has never been the nicest man, he has always provided for his family and for that I am grateful. So now it is my turn to return the favor and show him how thankful I am for everything he has done for me.

Starting the 27th of August I will be enrolled at the local college where I plan to pick up where my mother left off on becoming a nurse. Although it saddens me to take on her dreams, it gives me hope that one day I will be as good of a woman as she was. She put so much effort into her schooling so we could have a better life and I am bound and determined to make sure that her dreams live on and my brother and I have a stable life. A life with no financial troubles or anymore devastating incidents.

The way I figure, after graduating I should be making 5-6 dollars more an hour than I have been. That means I will be bring home more than enough to pay bills and start working on our payment plan with the funeral home. I am going to write everything down on paper so I have an idea on how long it will take to get caught up. It will be nice to show my dad so that way it can give him some hope in a world that he thinks is ruined. I want him to see light again and realize that it is his turn to rest and just let me take care of him for a change. Although my brother is to stubborn, I will try my best to care for him as well.

From Under Life’s Thumb

I’ve lived my whole life at the bottom. Imagine one of those kids you see on the streets of tiny, remote towns, wearing filthy old t-shirts and duct-taped shoes, and you’ve got me. The typical impoverished child–growing up on ramen noodles, library books, and second-hand clothing. I remember being twelve years old and not understanding how my dad could work sixty hours a week and yet we’d still struggle to pay the water bills.

I grew up bitter. Under the harsh attitude I wielded in school, I hid my true self: the confused and wounded animal, backed into a corner. With claws out and teeth bared, I vented my distress and helplessness into the world around me. At school, I got into fights, vandalized school property, and skipped class. At home, I curled into a ball on my mattress and lost myself in the pages of a library book. Both were a means of escape from the world–two different ways of running away.

It was my tenth grade year when I entered Mr. Kiplinger’s World History class and plopped myself apathetically in the seat. Within a week I had earned my first detention with him for mouthing off, but something seemed different about the guy. He didn’t wither away under my barrage, nor did he explode with desperate anger. He softened and rebutted me. I was taken aback.

When it came time to serve the detention, I felt compelled not to skip it. I sauntered into his room after school, the only person in the room except for Mr. Kiplinger. I took a seat in the very back and buried myself into my library copy of Great Expectations, trying to put my mind at ease.

“What are you reading, there?” spoke Mr. Kiplinger from across the room.

The wounded animal decided to let its guard down. Even today, I couldn’t tell you why. I stayed in that detention for thirty minutes over the time I was supposed to, talking with Mr. Kiplinger about Dickens, then my school work, then my home life, and then the crushing loneliness of poverty.

Who would have known that Mr. Kiplinger was homeless as a child? “Crushed under life’s thumb,” as he called it? I asked him how he managed to crawl out from under it, and he looked me in the eyes and said “Find a passion. A thing so special, just the thought of it makes you excited to get out of bed in the mornings. Then, you go to school for it.”

For the first time in my life, someone had proposed a way to get out of the hole– a “maybe” in a sea of “no.” I took it and ran.

That was three years ago. Now, I’ve been accepted to a state university and next fall I’ll be majoring in English and Education. I wake up every morning with my future on my mind and a spring in my step, ready to get out from under life’s thumb.

It’s through Education that I will Achieve My Career and Reasonable Income

I was born in a humble background whereby my parents would toil hard to get our daily bread. The situation at home was not good as the state of poverty got us stressed. My parents had to work so hard to maintain me at school since I was a bright, hardworking student. I would always bring home good results. That was in primary school when I was still very young and knew less about life.

I am now a form two student. Life has not been easy here since my parents are not able to raise and cater my fees. The situation has affected me as I have been missing out some classes and have used most of my time at home. Despite all this, am still producing excellent results at school.

Being raised and living in a poor family, this has pressured me to work a bit extra hard. It’s quite true that am the only hope that my parents have, and my sibling are looking upon to transform their life. Following the fore mentioned, I have promised to hard and smart each day. Surely, education it’s the only transformation tool for our family current situation.

Recently, my success doors opened up. A volunteer, who had a look at my academic performance, promised to offer a scholarship and sponsor me all through till I had to accomplish my education dream. This is an excellent opportunity that am glad of and have to utilize the chance towards transforming my society. With confidence and smart work, I believe that I will make it through this high school education as I achieve the best grade for my tertiary education.

After accomplishing my high school, with excellent grades , I long to join one of the pioneers university available, and to pursue a medical degree. Hopefully, driven by my passion towards serving the medical and health sector, I long towards pursuing a Nursing degree program. My ultimate goal is acquiring the highest level in the Nursing program, and, as a result, I will pursue the Nursing degree program even at the doctorate level.

Am sure that, with a doctorate Nursing certificate, I will be better placed in the job market and will earn some bucks that will help me transform the situation at hand in our family. It’s only through pursuing the Nursing program that I will achieve my career and earn a reasonable income.

Why Academics is my Future Career

Choosing a career in academics isn’t something you hear people talking about. When you gather a group of school kids together they all want to be firemen or astronauts, I never heard one say they wanted to be a professor or researcher. In fact, I didn’t even know that these careers existed. What I did know is that I liked finding out how things worked, where they came from, and how they could be used for other applications. It was my high school teacher who suggested I pursue a career in Academics.

What does a career in Academics look like?
Calling someone a “professional student” is usually used as an insult, but there are people for whom being a professional student is a career. After you reach a certain level of education, the next step is to get involved with your own reasearch projects. This is what academia is all about, a continuous investigation into the world around us. That can mean studying the history of things, or doing scientific investigation of new ideas and phenomenon.

You wouldn’t have your cell phone without someone in Academics
A lot of the things we take for granted now, such as cell phones, laptops and DVDs wouldn’t be a part of your life without someone in Academia doing the research to discover the fundamental aspects of their technology. Almost everything – from medication to technology, to even politic and economic policy begins at the academic level. This is what I really wanted to be a part of with my career. I wanted to be the person who identified a problem and investigated it; better still, in Academia a large part of your job is passing on this information and this means teaching people.

All in all, when I looked at the options for a career it was Academics that came out ahead. The salary potential is high, it is challenging at all levels, and it gives me the sense of giving back to the world that is an important part of building a meaningful life. That is why I am so very much looking forward to my career in Academics.

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